Inktober 2019. Prompt: Build

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Skull (Alla Prima)

Quick Alla Prima charcoal sketch of a skull.

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Fruit Still Life

Still life of fruits in pastel.  One photographic note:  the lower right corner in the actual painting is much whiter than shown in the image below–it’s actually pretty uniform with the rest of the tabletop color.  For whatever reason, the lighting in the room caused my camera to pick up a more more sandy-colored look in that region.

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Jar and Vase

This was a fairly quick (perhaps 40 min) alla prima warm-up sketch of a still life during a Lillstreet art class.

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Antique Desk

An antique desk from my favorite B&B, located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: General Boyd’s.  (Well, tied for first with the B&B in Sonoma, California, where I spent my honeymoon.)

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