Chiaroscuro Photography – Harley

Chiaroscuro effect in a photograph of my rat terrier/chihuahua, Harley:


Friendly Goat Close-Up

This is a goat we met at Fantasy Hills Ranch in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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Classical Light Post

This is a photo of the classical light posts in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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Antique Desk

An antique desk from my favorite B&B, located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: General Boyd’s.  (Well, tied for first with the B&B in Sonoma, California, where I spent my honeymoon.)

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This is a picture of a seagull that walked close to our table at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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Flying Insect

This is a picture of some kind of flying insect I saw at the Chicago Botanical Garden.

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Yerkes Observatory – 40 Inch Refractor

This is the dome that houses the 40 inch refractor at Yerkes Observatory.

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Amazon River

Ok, it’s not really the Amazon, but it is a river at the Morton Arboretum.

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Gray Birch

This picture of a Gray Birch was taken at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

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